Scientology and the Substantive Definition of Religion

Scientology and the Comparative Definition of Religion

Scientology and the Functional Definition of Religion

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Scientology and the Emic Definitions of Religions


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On the other hand, Scientology explicitly asserts that training in its doctrine furnishes a comprehension of man, his potentials and the difficulties with which he is faced which goes much further than what is taught in the humanities or social sciences. With the knowledge of the principles of Scientology the person would be able to understand, for example, why some people have success while others fail, why one man is happy while another is not, and why some relationships are stable and others fall apart. Training in Scientology would permit one who would apply himself to know the mystery of life and to attain an absolute comprehension of its immortal nature. Through the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard disseminated by the Church, the individual can achieve the development of all his abilities across the “Eight dynamics” postulated in its cosmic vision. These dynamics, or areas through which human activity is expressed, are:

1. The individual; 2. Family and sex; 3. Groups; 4. Mankind; 5. All life forms; 6. The physical universe; 7. Spirituality; and 8. The infinite or Supreme Being. (Scientology 0-8, The Book of Basics 1990: 25-26)

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